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Silver P2 for Wichita Kansas

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From: Ronald J. Pinkoski (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 06:52:07 CST

News about silver recovery, pollution prevention, and regulations
affecting graphic imagers in Wichita, KS.

>From the Silvercouncil listserv: wrote:
The City of Wichita, Water and Sewer Department (the City) has decided to
establish a P2 program for silver and mercury users. The City is
implementing a pollution prevention program to minimize the discharge of
silver from the photographic and radiographic development processes, as well
as the removal and replacement procedures for dental amalgam.

Businesses generating silver-bearing wastes from the photographic and
radiographic development processes or waste containing mercury can adopt and
comply with the [Silver Council's] Code of Management Practice (CMP) or other
BMPs (for mercury) in lieu of complying with the existing numerical limit of
0.4 mg/L for silver and .0007 mg/L for mercury.

You can view the CMP for Graphic Imaging at

All silver users, including private and governmental enterprises that process
medical or industrial x-rays, photographic, motion picture and microgrphic
film or paper will be required to comply with the CMP. If the CMP program is
not successful in reducing silver and mercury discharges to the wastewater
treatment facility, a more stringent regulatory program will be implemented.
This will include permit fees, wastewater analytical fees, monetary penalties
and other mandatory pretreatment requirements as described in Title 17,
Chapter 17.22. (City of Wichita Municipal Code)

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