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Re: Vegetable ester blanket washes

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Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 11:13:40 CST

Dear PNEAC_customer:

The short answer to your question regarding cleaning solvent champions in the
US is that there is no one organization that promotes these products. I am
assuming that the cleaners you are working with are for lithographic
operations only and not for the other printing processes. For lithographic
operations, GATF is noted as one of the key and prominent technical
organizations serving the lithographic printing industry. There are several
Universities that have a printing focus, namely RIT, University of Michigan
among others. My question to you is what do want to accomplish with the new

Several years back, EPA performed a study on alternative cleaners for
lithographic operations. and has prepared a report on the summaries. The
program was called Design for the Environment and links to it are on the
PNEAC web page

Also, from a practical perspective, most US lithographic printers have not
found vegetable oil or vegetable oil based cleaners to be acceptable. They
don't clean very well, leave residues on blankets and rollers, cause
swelling, and are expensive. Also several years back, Deluxe Check
Corporation invented an ink/cleaning system that did not use solvents. The
cleaner was essentially water with an additive. While the system looked very
promising, it had performance problems and did not find commercial success.

I would be very interested in receiving more information about the products
that are currently being used in UK.

Gary Jones
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
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Sewickley, PA 15143
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