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Re: Recycling of UV/EB Printstock

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From: Gary Cohen (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 15:25:37 CST

In 1991 a Report was issued on "Deinking Trials" conducted by the Beloit
Corporation. The evaluation included printed and coated paper
containing a
variety of UV/EB ink and coating combinations. The abbreviated
was that "all paper samples were repulpable within normal parameters."
would be glad to share study results with those that are interested,
send me your address or give me a call. Thank you!

Gary M. Cohen
Executive Director
RadTech International North America
Please join us for the world's largest UV/EB technology event--RadTech
April 9-12, 2000, Baltimore, Maryland

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Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2000 3:42 PM
Subject: Recycling of UV/EB Printstock

Does anybody have information that would be helpful in addressing this
question I received? Please post response to Printech.
Thanks much,
Wayne Pferdehirt

>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:22:10 -0500
>From: LYNDON COX <>
>Subject: Recycling of UV/EB Printstock
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>I am writing a report on UV/EB radiation cured coatings for the EPA. One
>of my references is a report that was
>written in 1991. This report states that "crosslinked UV inks cannot be
>separated from the fibers of the paper".
>However, the Canadian Magazine Publisher's Assn says on their web page
>that UV printing is preferred to petroleum
>based inks for recycling. Could you please tell me in some detail what
>has happened since 1991 regarding the
>recycling of UV cured printing? I need this to support my contention that
>a suitable recycling method has been found.
> It may be that the recycling method is even preferable to recycling
> other printstocks.
>Thank you.

Wayne P. Pferdehirt
Director, MEPP,
Co-Director, PNEAC
Specialist, SHWEC,
tel 608.265.2361
fax 608.262.6250

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