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Re: Flexo ink separation

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From: Doreen Monteleone (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 08:11:26 CDT

I was involved in this issue with Josh Barber off-line last week. This is
what we discussed. I subsequently sent him our last SourceBook with
company listings.
Doreen Monteleone, FTA

I'm a consultant with the University of Nebraska in Lincoln working with
>an area flexo printer. They discharge all of their washwater down the
>drain and are getting into trouble with the POTW. Do you know of anyone
>who would be able to help with a solution or have any advice for me?
>Thanks a lot ,
>Josh Barber

Are they using water-based or solvent inks? If they are using solvents, it
is a hazardous waste and can not be sent to the POTW. If they are using
water-based inks, they may need to install an ink splitter of some sort
that filters the waste water before it goes to the POTW. They also would
have to notify the POTW and get permission to discharge. The filtered
material (cake of ink particles) usually can be landfilled.

I suggest they contact the Nebraska Small Business Assistance Program
manager, Dan Eddinger at (402) 471-3413. Dan's job is to assist small
businesses in complying with environmental regulations. He's with NE DEQ
and an old friend of mine, so if it helps, mention I referred you (I don't
think it can hurt). Dan would be familar with regulations specific to

Any additional questions, feel free to contact me or have your printer
contact me directly. If necessary, I can send you information on companies
that provide the waste water filtering equipment.


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