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From: Humitz, Norman (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 13:41:13 CDT

We are Flexographic printers and do not have anything like this in our
Tittle V permit, but the Federal EPA does have in their MACT Standard for
HAPS for wide web flexo and gravure package printing a similar requirement.
They require a Method 311 Test but have agreed to accept a Flexible
Packaging Association designed Certified Product Data Sheet (CPDS) from the
manufacturer of the inks as a substitute. The CPDS was designed and
proposed as the Federal EPA was resistant to the use of MSDS data because
the information contained in the MSDS was either to vague or insufficient
to make accurate environmental calculations.

I would due what ever it takes to get the Method 24 testing out of your

Norm Humitz

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> From: Lovensheimer, Betsy []
> Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 9:23 AM
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> Subject: EPA Method 24A
> We are Pennsylvania printer using both lithography and screen printing
> methods.
> We are in the process of getting our Title V permit. The PA DEP has
> placed a
> condition in our draft permit to "Test each new batch of ink, adhesive and
> solvent for density and VOC content by using EPA Method 24A". I am
> wondering
> the following of other printers:
> Does anyone else have this condition in their permit (either in PA or
> other
> states)?
> If so, who performs the test (supplier or you)?
> What type of costs have you or do you expect to incur due to this
> requirement?
> What is the difference between Method 24 and Method 24A?
> Can EPA method 24A be performed successfully on Litho Inks and solvents?

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