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Retention factors in screen printing

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From: Deb Kramer (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 07:13:46 CST

The following question was posted from the PNEAC web site. Any responses to
this question will be forwarded to the originator. Please see below for my
response already sent to the originator.

Deb Kramer

>we print plastic cards on
>a screen press using uv
>or ovens to dry the ink.
>Does anyone know what
>percentage of ink is
>retained by the plastic. I am trying to calculate
>fugitive emissions. Thanks.
To my knowledge none. Because plastic is not permeable (like paper is) all the
solvent typically would be driven off in the drying process. Keep in mind,
your UV curable inks will have negligible emissions to begin with; its the
convection cured inks that will be the targets. Also, if your state allows you
may be able to claim a retention factor for the solvent in your shop towels.
Each state is different, but for instance in Illinois you can take a 50%
solvent retention factor IF, and only if you are also complying with the shop
towel handling and storage rules as well.

I will run this past Marci Kinter at the Screenprinting & Graphic Imaging
Association to see if she has any additional insights. Gary Jones @ GATF also
received this original message and may have additional comments.

Additional Info: The U.S. EPA has not made a final determination on retention
factors using permeable substrates (paper, etc). This determination currently
is focusing on offset lithographic printing.

As far as current solvent retention allowances - each state is different. If
you reply to this message with the state that you are located in we can obtain
more detailed information for you.

Thank you for accessing the PNEAC web site.

Best Regards,

Deb Kramer

Debra Kramer
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