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Re: Shop towels: Launderable vs. disposable

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From: Andrew Maxwell (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 16:48:38 CST

I wish to clarify some things with regard to the Priscotech system and the
Maratek systems mentioned.

Printers concerned about the environmental liabilities asociated with
laundered rags, need to centrifuge them before sending them to an off-site
laundry. This obviously creates a waste stream of the solvents contianed
in the ras and only removes 50 - 60% of the liquid (depending n solvent,
rag type, spin speed and duration). If there is enough solvent waste
present a distiller can easily be cost justified, both financially and in
terms of reduced environmental liability. This is exactly what the
Priscotech system does.

Thus there is only an increased cost from using the centrifuge, necesitated
by meeting environmnetal concerns, as the full laundry cost, still has to
be paid. The payback is calculated on the reduction in waste solvent
hauled and consumed.

The Maratek system is a dry cleaning system, which uses the blanket wash as
its cleaning medium. It therefore cleans the rags itself, removing the
necissity for a laundry service. In addition, the distiller recycles both
the waste solvent extracted and the solvent used for cleaning, providing
additional paybacks, and eliminating virtually all environmental liability.

As an added note the Maratek system can also be used to clean disposable
rags a number of times before they disintegrate.


Andrew Maxwell

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