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Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 14:50:15 CST

sounds like a waste determination needs to be done. You must go thru the drill - is any of it a listed waste? is any of it characteristic waste - ignitible, corrosive, reactive, toxic?

How much do they generate in a calendar month? Are they a conditionally exempt small quantity generator? SQG? LQG? The rules are different for each of the 3 classifications.

Often in these circumstances, the mixture rule applies. Once haz wastes are mixed with solid wastes, the whole thing becomes hazardous.

If they can get the textiles out of the waste stream and to a laundry, most states see this as recycling and it gets them less regulatory burden. Make sure you check with your state and local rules. Laundry is coming under more scrutiny now days.

EPA has a nice book out for small businesses called Understanding the Hazardous Waste Rules - A Handbook for Small Businesses - 1996 Update ----- it's EPA530-K-95-001 - probably available on their web site. It's a good resource for anyone to use.

Hope this helps.

Dave Wintz
Indiana Dept Env Mgmt

>>> Doreen Monteleone <> 11/30/98 05:02PM >>>
Dear Printechers,

A flexo printer is adding a UV coating to his product. He is having
trouble defining whether the waste is considered hazardous. Some of the
waste is still "reactive." Some of the waste is gloves/aprons
contaminiated with unreactive coating. Isopropyl gets into the mixture
because it's being used during the cleanup process.


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