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Lifting insert bundles

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From: Hensel, Donald (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 07:32:36 CDT

One of our (Newspaper Association) members has the following lifting problem
in the Packaging and Distribution Center. Does anyone have suggestions?

Donald A. Hensel, CIH
Environmental/Safety Services Manager
Newspaper Assoc. of America
1921 Gallows Road
Vienna, VA 22182

Phone: (703) 902-1835
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As discussed this morning, please find below a description of my concern:

The job requires two people to take loose bundles of newspapers off a
conveyor and pile them onto pallets (12 bundles per layer, 4 bundles high).
 The duration of this task is usually only a couple of hours but can last an

entire shift. The average bundle weighs 25.3 lb. with a maximum weight of
 26.4 lb. This position was improved several years ago to allow workers to
put their feet under the pallet to minimize the horizontal reach. However,
a horizontal reach of 20" is still required to lower bundles into the middle

positions on the pallet.

All parts of this task were well within the recommended weight limit, as
analyzed by the revised NIOSH lifting equation, for the origin of the lift
(from the conveyor). However, at the destination (the pallet), the bundle
can only be safely lowered to the outside edges of the pallet. Whenever the

bundle is lowered to an inside position, the recommended weight limit (15.7
 - 19.4 lb.) is lower than the average bundle weight. Even if all other
variables were ideal, the maximum weight that could be safely lifted, as per

the NIOSH equation, would be less than our current bundle weight. If the
weight of the bundle were lowered to 18 lb, the frequency rate at which the
bundles would have to lifted, would increase to a level where it would not
be physically possible for two people to keep up with production demands.
 Due to space constraints (& labour costs), adding an additional person
would not work well. Strapping the bundles is not a viable option, as this

would increase significantly the work required when the bundles are unloaded

as well as create a lot of waste. Bundles cannot be pushed into these
middle positions, as the bottom newspaper would be damaged and then there
would be production problems when these newspapers were put into the
inserting machine.

Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated!

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