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From: Wayne Pferdehirt (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 12:06:00 CDT

I had a concern raised by a Printech user about the
commercial aspect a response to the message re.
"Cleaning Ink from Screens." Let me offer my perspective on this
issue, and invite comments from others.

Printech is an electronic forum for collaborative problem solving. To
maintain its value to participants, It is very important that the
listserv not become an advertising venue. When we set up Printech,
there was considerable debate about whether to invite vendors and
equipment suppliers to participate; the concern was whether we could
keep the listserv from becoming a wave of commercials. I think good
technical reps of vendors can add a lot of good information to our
discussions. If expectations are not clear, however, the discussion
can degenerate into dueling commercials.

Here are some guidelines to follow in this area:

* Unsolicited commercial announcements are not welcome. If you have
a question about this, e-mail me or Bob Gifford and ask.

* Mention of specific products, companies and contact names are
welcome only if: they directly address and help solve a posted
inquiry; and the response focuses on technical solution to the
problem posed (e.g., the type of solvent, ink or other
material/equipment needed) offering one or more suppliers as example
sources. General commercial replies (just call us) do not contribute
to the listserv discussion and are therefore not welcome. Technical
reps who help printers solve problems through Printech gain
credibility as a valued, credible resource, much like the effect of
giving a good, technically focused presentation at a conference/trade

* Vendors interested in advertising their products/services can do
so through PNEAC's Web site. Contact PNEAC Webmaster for details
(217/244-0974 or

Printech participants who do not follow the above guidelines will be
reminded of proper listserv etiquette. Repeat offenders will have
subscription privileges revoked.

Any suggestions or comments from others on this topic?


Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP
U. of Wis., Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center
610 Langdon Street, Room 532, Madison, WI 53703-1195
Phone: 608/265-2361 Fax: 608/262-6250

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