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Re: CO2 Cleaning in Printing?

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 09:35:22 CDT

                      Re: CO2 Cleaning in Printing? 8/5/98
Gary & Printech'rs

We ran tests on CO2 cleaning systems at our facility last week. Areas of presses cleaned included 1) press side frames; 2) delivery gripper bars; 3) transfer cylinder grippers; 4) very difficult-to-clean texturized cylinder surfaces on a MAN Roland 300;
5) ink trays. In no case did we detect any evidence of abrasiveness. This is NOT like sand blasting. It was greta at removing things like accumulated dry aquacoating from grippers. Unlike using chemicals, there was no messy residues or dilution of lubric

We were impressed with the trials to say the least. Cost justification is easy when you consider how long it would take to do these cleaning tasks by hand. The equipment costs are $10,500 for a small unit, $17,500 for the mid-sized unit with some worthwh
ile additional features. "Riced" dry ice is readily available, and 1000 pounds will keep you cleaning for a full day at a cost of about $240. Unlike Gary, I am aware of several print facilities that are already using this equipment.

Our pressmen were so impressed, I almost believe we could have taken up a "collection" to buy the equipment! Ours is on order.

Hope this is useful.

Regards, Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

GaryJGATF wrote:
>To confirm what Jeff wrote, there are several printers examining the use of
>CO2 cleaning systems. To the best of my knowledge, there are no printers
>currently using such a system. Because of the abrasive nature of the system,
>it most likely would not be used to clean critical press components, only
>those which could withstand the pellets hitting it. >
>Gary Jones
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