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Re: CO2 Cleaning in Printing?

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 09:05:47 CDT

                      Re: CO2 Cleaning in Printing? 7/17/98
Robert, Anita, Lew and Printechers:

We at John Roberts Company are looking at using dry ice (CO2) blasting as a means to address difficult cleaning operations on printing presses. The system uses a machine that converts dry ice into tiny particles that blasts them grime off. Because dry ice sublimates into the air, there is no moisture concern regarding the equipment being worked upon.
We have seen one demonstaration so far (last week), and the results are impressive! This alternative to using volatile chemicals and incurring employee exposure does have some possible issues of its own. The process is VERY LOUD! We are talking in the range of 110 dBA, at least. Also, the demo we viewed involved some simple shrouding of the work area with vinyl drop cloths.

We are in the process of scheduling an in-house demonstration at our facility within the next few weeks. In our area, a service company is available to do this type of cleaning. Our team is also researching the equipment itself, and depending on unit size selected, this ranges from about $10K to $17K to $28K. The equipment requires air pressure of about 85 psi to operate, but I'm still waiting to hear of the volume (scfm) requirements.

We are particularly looking at this as a solution to periodic (not necessarily even weekly) cleaning of press deliveries, gripper bars, and texturized back and transfer cylinders of certain presses.

Hope this is informative.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

Robert Gifford wrote:
>Forwarded from the GPP listserv. >(My apologies to GPP/Printech dual subscribers for the repeat.)
> > Anita Singh wrote:
> >
> > Lew Felleisen, U.S. EPA Region 3, posed the following question to me
>today, and I thought this would be a good question for Printech:
> >
> > Is CO2 Cleaning being used to clean rolls in the printing industry? >CO2 Cleaning is used in the drycleaning industry and auto shops.
> >
> > Please respond to the listserve with your comments. Thanks --anita
> >
> >
>Anthony Star wrote:
> A quick correction. CO2 is not yet used by the drycleaning industry.
> Several companies are hard at work building the first CO2 drycleaning
> machines, but they are not yet commercially available, and there is no
> real-world performance data on the process. Hopefully the first
> will be up and running later this year.
> -Anthony
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