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From: Lechner, Wendy (
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 11:40:48 CDT

I understand, but we may not be so far apart. We'd also like to have
more air information made available, but we want to see the worker
handling/safety stuff FIRST. We think if employees know better how to
handle and store chemicals, they're less likely to handle them
improperly, resulting in spills and accidents. We have no problem with
a full-blown MSDS (even though we think the CMA version is not too
terrific). However, we'd like to see a cover sheet that helps the
workers do better in the first place, which is in accordance with the
original haz com standard.

With respect to environmental information, you're probably aware that my
boss, Ben Cooper, has long been an advocate of chemical companies
providing VOCs, etc. info to businesses so they can better monitor and
report emissions. He believes that EPA probably overestimates how much
printers use, and he thinks better info would prove just how much and
what kind of stuff is in use. If our guys don't have the information,
it's pretty hard to know what truly works best. And of course, if they
don't have the information provided by chemical manufacturers, it's
impossible to correctly report and stay on the right side of the law.

Still, our mission with the legislation is worker safety first. Our
latest "thinking" is to have the legislation direct the inclusion of the
worker handling/safety info on a cover sheet, and then stating that
chemical companies can provide further information as they see fit,
along with what is required by law. My paraphrase is not particularly
artful, but I think you get the idea. Then we and you can continue to
pursue our environmental information goals elsewhere.

So, I hope that is not too out of line with where you are going with the
MSDSs. But I appreciate your letting me know your thoughts.

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> From: Frantz-ENV, George []
> Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 3:35 PM
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> Subject: Re: MSDS Improvements
> Wendy... I'm coming at this from the other side; since MSDSs form the
> basis
> for nearly all environmental permits and compliance decisions, a
> sub-group of
> folks working on EPA's CSI/Print project are attempting to find ways
> to
> broaden MSDS requirements so that manufacturers will be required to
> provide
> real VOC and vapor pressure info, both as sold, and as applied, if
> different.
> I'd be willing to pass along whatever info to our workgroup that you'd
> care
> to provide.
> George Frantz MA/OTA 617-727-3260 x631 (fx)617-727-3827

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