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From: Doreen Monteleone (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 12:23:58 CST


I honestly don't know for sure the source of the ozone as I got this
question third hand. But, one possiblity is a corona treater used to
energize film so that water based ink can stick.


At 11:37 AM 3/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Where is the ozone coming from? I have heard about some automatic
>platemaking? (I can't quite recall) equipment generating a little ozone.
>The ACGIH ( publishes Threshold Limit Values for
>workers, the 8-hour Time Weighted Averages for ozone are:
>Heavy Work 0.05 ppm
>Moderate Work 0.08 ppm
>Light Work 0.1 ppm
>Less 2 hour exposure, any workload, 0.2 ppm (proposed)
>These were revised in 1997, so they probably reflect the latest
>For screening, colorimetric ozone badges are available. Workers can
>wear these to assess exposure, and they can be read visually-- without
>lab azalysis. They cost a few dollars each.
>Long-term effects include lung damage, aggravating asthma, etc. Ozone
>will damage rubber-- I have heard wind- shield wipers don't last very
>long in LA-- luckily it does not rain much there!
>Jim Hadley
>Lincoln, Nebraska
>Doreen Monteleone wrote:
>> I'm looking for information on the long term effect ozone can have on plant
>> personell? A printer using rubber plates has noticed that they begin to
>> dry rot
>> immediately in his plant. He's concerned about exposure to his workers.
>> Is this an indication of ozone exposure? Any good sources of information on
>> this?
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