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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 09:14:33 CST

Yo might suggest that he contact a division of Banta Corporation called
Viking Press in Minneapolis. They are ISO 9002 certified. We are also
pursuing ISO 9002 at the John Roberts Company. While ISO can be complicated, I
would speculate that for a very small organization (20 employees or so),
it might actually be easier.

Hope this helpful.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company
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>Subject: Re: ISO 9000 for printing industry
>Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 08:51:13 -0800
>I have a client in North Idaho that is an offset printer with less
>than 20 employees. They are interested in becoming ISO 9000
>registered. There are no other printing companies in the area that are
>ISO 9000 registered. They would like to speak with some one that is in
>the printing industry that has gone through registration or some one
>that has helped a printer go through registration. If anyone knows any
>one that has gone through registration for the printing industry and
>would be willing to discuss it I would appreciate the contact
>information. Thank you
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