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Tips: Conserve Energy at Work

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From: Gary Jones ( )
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 23:08:33

FYI - From Environmental Protection Online at

Tips: Conserve Energy at Work

Even relatively small offices can save thousands of dollars a year by implementing energy conservation practices. What's more, by publicizing their efforts, companies can improve both public and employee relations.

These tips, courtesy of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, suggest some simple ways businesses can get started saving energy.

Building occupants
• Turn off the lights when not in your office or cubicle.
• Turn off your computer at the end of the day.
• Use compact fluorescent lighting for desk lights.
• Close blinds to conserve heat in the winter and keep the building cooler in summer.
• Avoid using space heaters -- wear a sweater.
• When purchasing or leasing equipment, look for energy-efficient models.
• Run full dishwasher loads.

Building owners
• Many utilities offer energy audits to help businesses identify ways to reduce energy use.
• Install timing devices on lights, vending machines and copiers to power them down during times of low use.
• Turn off advertising lights on vending machines. This can save up to $100 a year on energy costs.
• Install programmable thermostats that adjust the heat depending on time of day and building use. • Replace incandescent exit lights with three-to-seven-watt LED exit lights. These lights last longer (up to 25 years) and reduce maintenance costs.
• Buy energy-efficient photocopiers and fax machines. These models use half the energy of regular machines and offer a corresponding cost savings.
• Correct operation and maintenance of equipment, including heating, cooling and office equipment, is essential for obtaining maximum energy efficiency. Check and replace filters often and follow manufacturer-recommended instructions.
• Landscaping (adding trees or a berm) around a building can provide shade in the summer and protection against wind in the winter, lowering heating and cooling costs and saving money.

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