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Checklist: Safety Training for New Workers

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From: Gary Jones ( )
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 22:36:36

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Checklist: Safety Training for New Workers

To assist in your machine guarding training endeavors, the following checklist can be used as guidance. These items are not all-inclusive, of course, but are generally responsive to training needs and associated items. Use this as part of your comprehensive program.
• During the interview process prior to hire, is safety discussed with each person?
• Is each interview candidate given a chance to express his/her attitudes on safety in the workplace?
• Are prior accidents/injuries or property damage in the workplace discussed with each candidate?
• As part of the reference review/interview, are the potential employee?s attitude and ability to work safely discussed with his or her references? Are the reviews favorable?
• Are machinery safety and work practices reviewed with each affected employee during new employee orientation?
• Is regular job site safety and health reviewed with new employees, including the following:
o Job site warnings when working with equipment o Safe work practices o Standard operating procedures for each machine to be used
o Maintenance activities
o Who their regular supervisor is and how to report damage, unusual circumstances and/or malfunctions
o Fire reporting procedures and the locations of exits and fire alarm boxes o Specifics of the product being manufactured, materials and usage hazards
o Unique hazards of materials being used
o Machine guarding specifics for each machine or process being used
o Requirement to leave guarding in place when machine is in use
o Training on lockout/tagout, and specifics of application and removal for each energy type for every machine or process to be used
o Training on Hazard Communication, and review of all chemicals employees will be required to use in relation to machinery in use
o Specific training on various items of personal protective equipment such as gloves, eye/face protection and associated items
• Are employees briefed on appropriate housekeeping requirements for the work being done, including disposal, product storage and material handling methods?
• Are workers trained in first aid procedures as well as location of first aid supplies?
• Are emergency notification numbers clearly posted and up to date for all employee areas?
• Is each employee briefed on the approved lifting policy where required, and the consistent approved use of lifting aids or other material handling equipment?
• Is each employee briefed on reporting accidents/injuries and the required paperwork to be completed in a timely manner?
• Are employees advised of the consequences of not following safety training and approved guidelines, and the steps involved toward termination? Ensure your protection and the company's by maintaining a signature sheet in each personnel folder.
• Is annual training given as needed in those areas requiring it, or as new hazards are introduced into the workplace?
• Do you also give employees a chance to request specialty training?

This checklist was compiled by Linda F. Johnson, a former technical editor of Occupational Health & Safety. It is not intended to substitute for a comprehensive safety program.

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