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Checklist: Physical Security

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From:Gary Jones( )
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 15:28:47

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Checklist: Physical Security

The Department of Agriculture offers a checklist of questions to keep in mind as a guide to ensure the physical security of your facility. The following is a compilation of questions taken from the list.

• Is the perimeter of the facility clearly defined by a fence, wall or other type of physical barrier?
• Does the barrier limit or control vehicle or pedestrian access to the facility?
• Are there NO TRESPASSING signs posted on the outside of fences at regular intervals?
• Is the entire fence line in view of patrolling guards or CCTV?
• Are there any doors or gates through the perimeter where CCTV could be used to control admittance and exit?

Perimeter lighting
• Is the entire perimeter lighted?
• Are lighting control switches inaccessible to unauthorized users?
• Is lighting adequate for CCTV surveillance?
• Are guards exposed or protected by the lighting?
• Is someone responsible for turning the lights on and off?

Perimeter lock system
• Are locks changed when security may be compromised?
• Are all keys signed for and lock numbers recorded?

Alarm systems
• Does the facility have an intrusion alarm systems that meets UL standards?
• Is the system covered by a service and maintenance contract?
• Does an emergency power source exist for all alarms?
• Are records maintained of all alarm signals?

For the complete USDA physical security checklist, including questions to ask concerning your company's methods of key control, vendor and visitor control, parking area security, emergency planning, mail handling and fire protection, visit

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