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Checklist: Increasing Physical Security at Facilities

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Date:Tue, 4 Nov 2003 17:09:31

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Checklist: Increasing physical security at facilities The Environmental Protection Agency offers a checklist that facility and security managers can use to improve physical security. Though this checklist is designed primarily for chemical facilities, it also may be applied to other facilities as well.

Buildings and facility grounds
• Always lock and set alarms for unoccupied buildings.
• Post "Authorized Personnel Only" signs at facility entrances.
• Randomly and frequently patrol facility grounds.
• Conduct daily security sweeps.
• Inspect and X-ray delivery packages.
• Adequately protect entrance gates with security personnel.
• Provide protection, such as concrete barriers, to prevent speeding vehicles from hitting the facility.
• Provide adequate setback from exterior thoroughfares for key facility buildings.

• Illuminate the entire perimeter of the facility property with street-type lighting fixtures.
• Illuminate the entire facility perimeter so that all shadows and dark areas are eliminated.
• Mount lighting at approximately a second-story level.
• Use only commercial-grade, break-resistant exterior light bulbs.
• Provide lighting in parking lots, over entrance doors and in areas with limited staffing.

• Keep count of how many keys have been distributed.
• Make sure that keys are labeled "Do Not Duplicate."
• Provide local police departments with access keys.
• Always remove keys from unattended equipment.

• Keep entrance gates locked.
• Make sure that all fencing, including entrance gates, is at least 10 feet high, with inward-facing barbed wire on top.
• Secure all fencing, including entrance gates, to the ground to prevent access under the fence.
• Make sure that the fence is at least 4 feet higher than and 6 feet away from any structure or landscaping located directly outside of the fence which may provide climbing access over the fence.

Entrance doors
• Protect all outside hinges from vandalism.
• Provide all doors with a commercial-grade, one-sided lock and a panic bar release on the inside.
• Equip the visitors' entrance with an audible annunciator.
• Electronically control all doors so that employees must use swipe cards or enter a PIN code to gain entry.

Electronic surveillance
• Install IR or microwave motion sensors between in the building and the fence around the entire perimeter of the facility.
• Electronically connect motion sensors to automatic telephone dialers or a central station alarm company.
• Install a CCTV system to monitor the perimeter of the facility, and make sure that security personnel monitor the system.

• Ensure that employees display their sealed photo ID badges at all times.
• Conduct a background security check before hiring a new employee.
• Change pass codes and obtain keys and access cards upon employee termination.

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