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Checklist: Head and face protection

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From:Gary Jones( )
Date:Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:54:31

From Occupational Safety and Health Magazine at

Checklist: Head and face protection

Does your facility's safety program feature adequate measures to protect workers from potential eye, head and face injuries, and to promptly treat employees if an injury occurs? The following checklist may help you evaluate your program.

Yes No As part of your PPE program, has your facility been comprehensively evaluated for potential hazards requiring hard hats, goggles, safety glasses or face shields?
Yes No Are areas requiring head and face protection marked off-limits to unauthorized personnel or employees without proper PPE? Is this policy strictly enforced?
Yes No Are there processes at your facility where open, overhead hazards are present and constantly changing (such as on construction sites)?
Yes No Do employees occasionally perform entries for inspection, maintenance, repair, cleanup or similar tasks where particles could fall into their eyes?
Yes No Are they going into cramped locations where bumps on the head could occur on pipes, nails and other protrusions?
Yes No Do tasks and processes at your facility require the use, transfer or cleanup of chemicals?
Yes No If so, do you have a comprehensive PPE program for employee protection for chemical and physical hazards, including cleanup and disposal operations?
Yes No Are biological exposures from splashes or spills possible on site?
Yes No Are employees handling or performing entries involving storage or use of hazardous or corrosive solid granular products?
Yes No Are appropriate eyewash facilities available for their immediate use if needed?
Yes No Are all eyewash facilities labeled as to their purpose and how they should be used? Are these facilities tested and kept clean for use at all times?
Yes No Are on-site rescue personnel equipped with complete first aid supplies and given special instructions for head injuries, such as deep puncture wounds?
Yes No Have rescue planning and training been completed, including for part-time or temporary staffers?
Yes No Are appropriate hard hats used in any area in which there is a potential hazard from falling, flying or slung objects?
Yes No Are PPE items inspected regularly for proper use and signs of excessive wear?
Yes No Are face shields provided in addition to protective eyewear, not instead of it?
Yes No Is all head and face PPE inspected before it is given to the employees?
Yes No Are employees trained to care for their own PPE and to inspect it daily for degradation and damage? Are they told how to report problems with the PPE and how to obtain replacements?
Yes No Do employees understand the signs and barriers used to prevent unauthorized entry when they are not wearing the correct PPE?

This checklist was compiled by Linda F. Johnson, a former technical editor of Occupational Health & Safety. It is not intended as a substitute for a comprehensive safety program.

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