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printech, September, 2003
Emergency Response Planning Checklist

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From: Gary Jones (gjonesprinting@aol.com )
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 2003 08:14:12

To All:

FYI - From Security Products e-news http://www.secprodonline.com

Checklist: Emergency response planning

The resources of corporations and organizations are tasked enough during emergency situations with the challenge to remain operational. For businesses, having a clear process for handling emergencies is a necessity. The following checklist offers ideas that can be modified to prepare for emergency response planning, coordination and training.
_____ Ensure that the process for emergency response planning, coordination and training is formalized and documented. _____ Your company's emergency response plan should identify responsibilities of employees by function.
_____ Emergency Response planning should include preparedness for multiple concurrent events.
_____ Develop a plan for service continuation, restoration/recovery.
_____ Schedule emergency drills and table-top exercises to occur on a regular basis.
_____ Establish and maintain coordination with security/transit police.
_____ Establish coordination and training with outside agencies, including:
1. Fire/rescue units.
2. Hospitals.
3. Police.
4. Hazardous materials/environmental agencies/regional office of emergency Management.
_____ Establish media relations/information control procedures and policies, both internal and external.
_____ Maintain documentation of drills, drill critiques held and recommendations with follow-up.
_____ Ensure that emergency procedures are reviewed on a regular basis by your company's safety management team and are updated as needed.
_____ Incorporate procedure revisions and updates into evacuation procedures, and develop standard operating procedures for signature(s) and distribution.
_____ Conduct regular assessments of employee proficiency.
_____ Ensure that an emergency contact list has been developed and is kept current. Identify who will be responsible for contacting employees during an emergency.
_____ Ensure that procedures exist for establishing an alternate operations control center in the event of evacuation.
_____ Develop emergency evacuation routing for transit vehicles.
_____ Issue employees quick reference guidelines for emergency situations.
_____ Develop support systems to provide post-incident support to customers and employees.
_____ Conduct regular functional testing/inspection of emergency support equipment and systems (e.g., emergency phones, CCTV, alarms, onboard/in-vehicle equipment, two-way radios, fans, pumps, generators, etc.).
_____ Predetermine factors that would require partial or full-service shutdown.
_____ Establish and adhere to standard operating procedures for HVAC operations in various emergency conditions.
_____ Establish contingency plans for loss of electrical power and radio or phone communications. Develop predetermined public address announcements for station platforms and on-board vehicles.

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