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printech, March, 2002
Dip Roller Cleaners

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From: Jeff Adrian (jeffadrian@johnroberts.com)
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 13:28:29

I'm not clear on whether you are attempting to clean roller while they are still in the printing press, or whether this operation is to be done with the rollers removed from the press.

When we clean rollers in the normal fashion, while they are mounted in the press, we use a solvent blend #6024 consisting of mineral seal oil (CAS 64741-44-2), soybean oil (CAS 8001-22-7), and Hi Sol 15 (CAS 64742-94-5). This blend has a vapor pressure of 1.55 and a flash point of 155 degress F.

For more difficult cleaning operations, including roller cleaning off the press, this is likely a relatively less frequent operation than other cleaning operations, and it may be perfectly acceptable to use a solvent blend that has a mid-point vapor pressure. Vapor pressure, as we know, is a pretty good measure of how likely a solvent blend is to evaporate and get into the air space just above the liquid surface (and thus effect indoor air quality).

The particular solvent blend we call JR Special is used for difficult cleaning operations only. It is a blend of lactol spirits (CAS 64742-89-8), glycol ether PM (CAS 2807-30-9), and ethanol 200 (CAS 64-17-5). This blend has a vapor pressure of 33.57 and a flash point of 20 (for the lowest flashing component), an evaporation rate of 2.96, and has 6.77 lbs/gal of VOCs. We use this material on a very limited basis, and we keep it locked up (with a drum lock) so that it cannot be used in a casual manner!

Generally, we try not to use harsh chemical blends on rollers (or blankets for that matter) as they can cause considerable swelling of the rubber compounds of these products.

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