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printech, February, 2002
Re: Methylene Chloride

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From: Dennis McCoy (dennism@piamidam.org)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:34:35

Varn Products produces a Metering Roller Cleaner , Product Code B015019, that is made up of 96% Petroleum Naphtha and 6% Diproplene Glycol Methyl Ether. Anchol Lithkemko also produces a Metering Roller Cleaner - NC, Product Number 7427, that is made up of 98.2% Lacolene and <5% D-Limonene. These are two that I am aware of and I am sure that there are many others that some of the other Printechers can identify as well.

Concerning your other question here is a partial list of other uses.

According to Gary Jones at GATF in a July 10, 1997 E-Mail it can be found in:
1) Blanket and roller wash - This includes a wide variety of cleaning solutions including metering roller cleaners.

2) Copper plating solution - This is used to place a thin layer of copper on carbon steel rollers in the inking train. The carbon steel rollers are principally used to distribute the ink evenly into the inking train. They will become desensitized due to the fountain solution and repel the ink. The copper plating makes the rollers more ink receptive.

3) Blanket Fix - There are several different names for this type of product, but it is used to temporary restore a blanket's thickness after a "smash". A smash occurs when the thickness of the substrate exceeds the thickness of the printing nip and since the blanket is the only material that is compressible the substrate causes the blanket to become permanently indented or damaged. Examples of smashing occur when a folded corner or two sheets are fed simultaneously through the press. The blanket fix will swell the blanket back to original size until the job is finished and the blanket is either replaced or repacked.

Some Specific Products That Printers May Use
(This is a partial list of some but Not All Products containing Methylene Chloride.)

3 for 1 Copper Wash
>5% Methylene Chloride
3-24-87 MSDS Rogersol, Inc.

Blanket & Roller Wash V-133
15.02% Methylene Chloride
2-1-00 Varn Products

Blanket Fix 2004
60% Methylene Chloride
2-10-90 MSDS Van Son Holland Ink Corp.

Blanket Saver 14
70 to 76% Methylene Chloride
June, 1995 MSDS Hurst Graphics, Inc.

Blanket Swell
80-90% Methylene Chloride
6-24-91 MSDS Rycoline Products, Inc.
MSDS Dated 10-12-00 shows formulation of this product to now be Cyclohexanol, 1-Methyl-2-Pryrrolidone, and Methyl N-Amyl Ketone

Copper Plating Solution
9.94% Methylene Chloride
2-1-00 MSDS Varn Products

Ink Readi
<10% Methylene Chloride
April 1, 1989 MSDS
MSDS Dated 2-1-2000 shows formulation of this product to now be Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbons, Mineral Oil, Liquified Petroleum Gas, BHT, and Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Film Kleen
20.59% Methylene Chloride
2-20-91 MSDS Anchor Lithkemko
MSDS dated 1-01-99 shows formulation of this product to now be Hexane and Isopropyl Alcohol

Metering Roller Cleaner
>9% Methylene Chloride
4-19-96 MSDS Graphic Arts Specialties, Inc.

Metering Roller Cleaner
27.48% Methylene Chloride
1-1-98 MSDS Anchor Lithkemko

MRC (Meter Roller Cleaner)
Methylene Chloride 70 to 80%
8-24-98 MSDS Printers Service

Safe Grip Contact Cement (Non-Flammable)
Methylene Chloride ?%
United Gilsonite Laboratories
From Label of Bottle

Safe-Sol 20/20
Methylene Chloride 30% Upper Limit
Certified Labs, Div. Of NCH Corp.

Savogran SuperStrip Paint & Varnish Remover
80% Methylene Chloride
September, 1991 Savogran

Varn Swell
88.5% Methylene Chloride
2-1-00 MSDS Varn Products

Wash R-228
13.99% Methylene Chloride
1-01-99 MSDS Anchor Lithkemko

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