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printech, August, 2001
Use of UV Curing in Printing

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From: Stacey Hessler(shessler@epd.engr.wisc.edu)
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 14:03:21

This forwarded message is from Mark Stoddard.

 I am requesting information on behalf of an Indiana printer who is contemplating the addition of a [lithographic] press to print on cartons. I am attempting to provide some measure of assistance for an Indiana printer. 

I have skimmed through the archives and found some information from as far back as November 13, 1995 (UV Curable Inks - chemical sensitivity, de-inking, toxics-NVP). What is the typical shelf life of UV inks? If there is a shelf life (limitation), how is the waste/unused material handled? Would the toxicity-NVP mean the material would fail a TCLP? What are the recycling options for unused material?

 As I understand, UV inks can be used in flexographic and screen printing , but what about lithographic printing? Given my limited understanding of UV inks and the mechanism used to transfer the ink to a media, I picture something like a powder coating operation which is cured based on the quantity of photo initiators in the ink mixture and the quantity/intensity of UV lamps. Close to the mark? Are there limitations as to the media that can be used with UV inks? Like powder coating, I assume that emissions from the transfer process are mostly negligible (dust, fumes from the curing process), but maybe I am way off base. Are there emissions that one should consider in assessing permit needs? 

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