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Re: Emission Factors, web and towel retention

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From: Brigette Martin (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 12:06:35 CDT

There's no CFR refernce, just technical guidance documents. GATF and GAA
published an Air Pollution Engineering Guide for the Graphic Arts Industry
and it references various emission factors for different processes in
priniting (offset, flexo, gravure, screen print, etc).

It has been supported by EPA and many states offer guidance to industry on
this factor (Missouri and Texas in particular).

It states, that since the bulk of the VOCs in offset litho inks and coating
are retained in the board, that only 5% is actually emitted. Therefore you
have a 95% retention factor and can multiply VOC amounts by .05 to get
actual amounts released to the environment. There is also guidance for
solvent emissions reductions if shop towel emissions are minimized (by
being in covered containers) and assuming that a good deal of solvent goes
out in the rags. The solvent reduction factor is 50%. So, if towel
emission minimization practices are in place and the rags are sent to a
laundry, you can probably use the 50% factor as well.

Contact GATF to order a copy of the engineering guide: 412-621-6941

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Now I really have to show my ignorance, what is the 95% retention
factor for VOC's in offset litho? a CFR reference would be fine if
that's easier.
sherry davis

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Does the 95% retention factor for VOCs in offset lithographic printing also
apply to HAP calculations? All the documents I see only deal with VOC

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