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Re: Emission Factors, web and towel retention

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From: Brigette Martin (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:40:25 CDT

Thanks for the feedback. I decided we'd be better to not use the factor
with HAPs since our threshold trigger is much lower as well. As with you,
we are no where near major for HAPs but I wanted to be sure our facilities
were using the emissions factors

>>> Jeff Adrian <> 09/11 9:57 AM >>>
                       Re: Emission Factor 4/7/00

I, too, am not aware of this retention factor being applied to HAPs in
offset lithography.
However, I am curious to know why this should be of much concern. Here's why:

We do track the HAPs component(s) of lithographic inks, and they are very
small amounts indeed. My records show that often times we are tracking just
fractions of a pound for any one HAP for an entire month's ink throughput.
Our largest quantity of any individual HAP related to inks amounts to about
22 pounds per month total. (Our facility is listed as the 78th largest
commercial printer in the US according to the last GAM survey.)

So that leaves fountain solution (alcohol replacements) as the likely only
other source of HAPs. But given the minimal usage of these fountain
solution components compared to alcohol, it would seem that this source
should be inconsequental as well. Additionally, given how fountain solution
addidtives perform by design, I would not expect any transfer of fountain
solution additives to the substrate being printing, and thus, the substrate
retention factor for this potential source of HAPs becomes meaningless.

Hope this lends some clarity to the issue.

Regards, Jeff Adrian
Director, Environment & Safety
The John Roberts Company

Brigette Martin wrote:
>Does the 95% retention factor for VOCs in offset lithographic printing
also >apply to HAP calculations? All the documents I see only deal with
VOC emissions.
>Brigette Martin
>Environmental Compliance Coordinator
>Gulf States Paper Corporation
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