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Re: HAZCOM and OSHA Labeling Requirements

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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 08:52:11 CST

It is difficult to answer your question with the information you provided.
Without the benefit of a product name or ingredient list, obtaining and
providing health hazard warnings and effects is impossible. Under OSHA's
hazard communication standard, the employer is required to provide employee
training on the safe use of chemicals. The standard also required that all
chemical containers have the proper label that identifies the basic
information such as the product name and appropriate hazard warnings. In
addition, an employee has the right to see the Material Safety Data Sheet for
the product. The MSDS contains more detailed information on the products
ingredients and other heath and safe handling information.

In working with solvents, it is best to minimize exposure to the skin and the
vapors. The use of chemical compatible gloves should be used and vapor
exposure reduced via good ventilation. OSHA has established "Permissible
Exposure Limits" for many chemicals and also requires the employer to provide
proper personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. Employees
are to be trained the use and limits of the personal protective equipment.

While I have not been able to answer your question directly, obtaining the
product's name or the MSDS would be beneficial. Let me know if I can be of
more assistance.

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