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Re: Fountain solution retention in substrate

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 08:50:31 CST

                      Re: Fountain solution retention in substra 3/31/00

I am not aware of any substrate retention factors for fountain solutions in
lithographic printing, thogh Gary Jones of GATF may be able to assist you here.
I believe he will be returning from meetings in St. Louis later today, so you
might try to reach him on Monday. If anybody would know of such factors, Gary

Since you indicated that you're hitting limits only because NH is using the
Potential To Emit Theory, possibly one out for you may be to take voluntary
limits in your permit.

If I pursued that approach, I would seek to have those limits based upon actual
fountain solution additive purchased, calculated by mass balance for the entire
facility (not for each press). Such an approach would be comparitively easy to
track and report, and it would resolve the "regulatory" problem while making
what is truely an environmental "non-problem" go away.

Best wishes for a successful solution.

Jeff Adrian
Director, Environment & Safety
The John Roberts Company

jletendre wrote:
>I am curious if anyone has any information in regards towards the fountain
>solution retention in substrate in sheetfed lithographic processes. >Unfortunately we have exceeded the allowable limits for 2-Butoxyethanol
>during our air modeling for the state of NH. NH has their own toxics rule
>that is tacked on to the title V process. They are using the Potential to
>emit theory which is what is putting us over in modeling. Any help would
>be greatly appreciated.
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