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Re: Spent toner

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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 09:09:42 CST


It is not clear from your email if your question pertains to the actual toner
or the toner cartridge. You also do not mention if the toner is liquid or
dry. It has been my experience that most manufacturers of the cartridge, both
liquid and dry, will accept it back for recycling. They will often provide a
postage paid address label.

Regarding the actual toner, it would be prudent to evaluate it relative to
the RCRA rules. You can "apply knowledge" or have it tested. For liquid
toner, the flashpoint of the material would be critical. For both liquid and
dry toner, the applicable test would be TCLP. However, before you test it,
review the MSDS and contact the manufacturer to see if they have already
conducted the TCLP or a more rigorous test. A copy of the testing results
will have to be maintained as long as the waste stream is generated and
really should be kept forever.

It has been my experience that dry toners are not necessarily hazardous
according to RCRA, but you will need definitive test data. Some liquid toners
may have flashpoints below 140oF. It is critical to determine the
classification of the waste toner as nonhazardous toner can be landfilled,
while hazardous toner will have to be treated prior to final disposal.

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