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Re: VOC content/photochemical reactivity

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From: Brian Grochowski (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 22:42:15 CST

Dave, I appreciate your response. My main concern and question mostly
to do with your statement below:


> Brian -
> I must have missed the initial message is that you are responding to,
> so I do not know the original question; but here is a partial
> response.
> 1) Heptane is a VOC. It is photochemically reacitve. It has not been
> deemed negligibly reactive by EPA and is not in the list of "exempt
> compounds" in the VOC definition in 40 CFR 51.100. No one has
> ever petitioned EPA to consider heptane as negligibly reactive.

Why is heptane, or other straight chain volatile hydrocarbons,
considered to
be photochemically reactive? How is it possible to generate a free
with a product such as heptane? Photochemical reactivity essentially
that a chemical will react with UV light. What possible reaction is
with heptane? Heptane along with other non-photochemically reactive
chemicals do not need to be submitted for exemption because they will
react with UV light. Methyl acetate and acetone will react with UV
but it has been determined that they are negligibly reactive, not
non-reactive like heptane etc.

I look forward to your response. As always, I am more interested in the
truth that pushing my own views so I hope I in no way portray my
and opinions in any other way than a meaningful discussion. I
your help and ideas.

Brian Grochowski

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