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Re: Litho Press Cleaning

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 16:38:15 CST

                      Re: presentations

Here are two possible ideas that are solutions for printers. Note that
approximately 70% of all printers are lithographers. The other 30% of
printers use other tecknology, including screen, flexo, gravure,
letterpress, intaglio.

For lithographers, effective and efficient cleaning of printing
blankets, especially during the course of a print run (as opposed to
between runs), is of major importance in order to maximize profits.
Successful selection of low vapor pressure solvent blends is one key
element here. This is in contrast with selection of low VOC-containing
solvent blends that in many instances, though not all, are marginal
performers. Low vapor pressure solvent blends minimze the transfer of
VOCs to both indoor and outdoor air.

For any lithographer still using high-evaporative type solvent blends,
the conversion to low vapor pressure solvent blends requires some
modification of work procedures and a concommitant debunking of myths
about the cleaning process, i.e., that blankets must be completely dry
before restarting the press.

Providing guidance to printers here would be of real value.

A second area of possible interest for printers is addressing special
cleaning operations that occur only periodically. One tool we have found
to be very effective is substitution of a dry-ice blasting unit (similar
to sand blasting, but with no residue) for returning presses to "sparkle
new" condition. Our Ice blaster allows us to eliminate all use of the
harsher chemicals formerly used for these difficult cleaning operations.
Our supplier has a Mid-west rep who can demonstrate this type of
equipment if interested. Let me warn you though, once seen it is pretty
hard to resist purchasing!

If this sounds of interest, please contact me for more information.

Jeff Adrian
Director, Environment & Safety
The John Roberts Company

sdavis wrote:
>Dear Printechers:
>We are having an industrial cleaning show in May of this year. We >are trying to cover as many industries' cleaning needs as possible, >including printers. I have only worked with screen printers, so can >you suggest a technical session topic that would have the most value >for printers (flex,litho,gravure) that is cleaning-oriented. We can >devote only two sessions to printers and I would think we could break >those up into screen printing and the others(flex,lith,grav). Please >send ideas if you ha>Thanks,
>sherry davis
>Sherry J. Davis
>Industrial P2 Specialist
>133 Ward Hall,KSU
>Manhattan, KS 66506-2508
>Fax: 785-532-6952
>Phone: 1-800-578-8898

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