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What is PNEAC?

2001 Great Printers Project Update


The Illinois Waste Management and Research Center, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Illlinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs and the Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana continue to pursue the program. Primary oversight is provided by Deb Jacobson of IL WMRC and Eva Aloia of PII. Since June, 2001 two meetings have been held of the participating agencies. As a result

1) A one page flyer that will be sent to the PII members by inserting it in their newsletter. Copies will be supplied to the IL Great Printers directly.

2) The current Great Printers have been contacted to update their address, email, etc.


Wisconsin's Great Printers Project is being more closely coordinated with the PII efforts under the leadership of Nial Power who is Executive Director of Printing Industries of Wisconsin and recently became Executive Director of Printing Industries of Illinois and Indiana as well.


Michigan continues to add designated Great Printers to their program as well as continue to develop project reports and case studies on Great Printers' P2 projects. At this time Karen Edlin ( is overseeing activities on behalf of MDEQ and continues to work with the Michigan Environmental Council and the counties and cities within Michigan to promote the program to printers in the counties by encouraging the counties to commit to only purchasing commercial printed materials from Great Printers.

They have also continue to pursue the MI Print Buyers portion of the program. To capitalize on the market incentives of this program, the MI-GPP has undertaken efforts to recruit Great Print Buyers. To be considered a Michigan Great Print Buyer, an organization must commit verbally or in writing to purchase all printed material from a Great Printer, whenever possible.


Paul Gutkowski (612/379-6008) of the Printing Industries of Minnesota has been conducting GPP EHS assessments on behalf of PIM for the past two years. There are about 47 Great Printers in MN. Donna Peterson from the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program continues to work with printers in Minnesota to become MN Great Printers.


The representatives from PA DEP completed a state specific compliance and pollution prevention manual, conducted 2 workshops within Pennsylvania for lithographic printers. The staff at PA DEP partnered with GATF (Gary Jones) to present the compliance and P2 workshops.


Debra Jacobson of IL WMRC coordinates communication among the Great Printers Project group and maintains the most current information and lists of Great Printers available on the PNEAC web sites. Three meetings of all stakeholders have been held in Chicago at the offices of U.S. EPA Region 5. Although Pennsylvania was unable to attend any of these three meetings they provided updates for the group. Representatives from Ontario (Steve Neville from Ontario Ministry of the Environment) and Indiana (Dave Wintz from IDEM) and Council of Great Lakes Governors (Peter Johnson) also participated in the project meetings and began to become involved in the program. The last project meeting was held August 1999. 

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