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Article Summary: Screen Tensioning Research: Pulsed Tensioning

The Screen Printing Technical Foundation is beginning a research effort to explore the working parameters and benefits of pulsed screen tensioning. The effort seeks to determine if the time required for the screen fabric to achieve a stable amount of tension can be reduced.

Pulsed screen tensioning is accomplished by repeatedly applying and relaxing tension over a specified period. For example, the rapid five minute method applies and releases tension five times in five minutes.

Tension decay has been measured in an early phase of research. It was found that the vast majority of the decay occurred within the first few minutes, and that by seven hours, a level of relative stability had been reached. Future research will seek methods which promote stable stretching.

When a screen has reached a stable tension, the screen printing process can be controlled more precisely, resulting in less waste.

Source: SGIA tabloid - SPTF Update, July, 1999, p. 19.


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