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Article Summary: Screen Printing Tone Gain Prediction

The UK Screen Printing Association has initiated an investigation into the physics of screen printing. A preliminary result is a predictive model for tone gain which takes into consideration the effect of stencil coating. The model is codified in a computer program.

An effective model like this can predict the effects of process changes without actually performing them, thus reducing time and material waste. By determining the regions where process variables have the least and greatest effect on the printed product, the press can be operated in the region of greatest tolerance. In this manner, expected variation will lead to acceptable product rather than waste. Proper setup can be more quickly attained and the skills of the press operator can be better used to produce a quality product rather than troubleshoot.

Author: Tim Claypole, Univ. of Wales
Source: SGIA Journal, Q1 1999, p. 27-30.


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