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What is PNEAC?

Welcome to the Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center!

PNEAC is your direct conduit to experts and reliable information on environmental issues related to the printing, publishing and packaging industry.

Here you will find information on:

If you have additional questions or do not find what you are searching for, PNEAC's technical experts will be glad to assist you. Assistance is confidential and free of charge.

PNEAC Announcements

EPA Finalizes Shop Towel Rule


25 essential questions to ask your suppliers on product stewardship
Source: 2Degrees, 11/19/14
Summary: Product stewardship in a product's lifecycle must be a journey that incorporates the seed of a contract, through to the shoots of product design, manufacture, transport, sale, and the fruits of product use, all the way to the composting at the end of a product's life. How can procurement support this journey and challenge their suppliers? This post suggests 25 questions to ask your suppliers in order to create more sustainable products.

Thinking outside the box: unwrapping a massive packaging problem
Source: The Guardian, 11/18/14
Summary: As online purchases increase, packaging grows. Several companies are working to reduce waste and find green alternatives.

Building a sustainable future: why energy efficiency is everybody's business
Source: The Guardian, 11/13/14
Summary: Few dispute the need to make building stock more energy efficient. But is a lack of coherent central government thinking and bold grassroots leadership stalling progress?

3 ways sustainability managers can expand their influence
Source: GreenBiz, 11/14/14
Summary: The job prospects in this field have never been better. Here's an action plan to make an impact in your company at every level.

MIT Sloan Management Review launches Sustainability Insurgency Series
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, 11/12/14
Summary: Successful sustainability executives are leading a "sustainability insurgency" motivated by shared organizational and societal values. The goal? To alter the way business is done in every function everywhere in the company. In a series of four installments, sustainable business strategy expert Gregory Unruh shows how CSR directors are rebelling against outward-facing programs that "talk the talk" of sustainability, and engaging corporate culture at a deeper level. By empowering allies and helping them link social intelligence with their job responsibilities and the company's overall sustainability strategy, today's managers are inciting a sustainability revolution from within.

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Storm Drain
The Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide is now available. This guide explains federal stormwater regulations for business, and the options available for compliance.

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Sustainable Green Printing Partnership
The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is an independent registration organization that recognizes those printers that have met the criteria that define sustainable business practices. Please visit the SGP website for more information.

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